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A beautiful upholstered Ottoman which is made to our highest standards and would look great at the end of your bed as a blanket box, for storage in a bay window or for additional seating. The inside of the ottoman is fully lined with a 100% cotton inner and the under side of the lid is upholstered in the same fabric as the ottoman. The lid has a lovely thick padding and the sides are lightly padded. We can supply the ottoman with a choice of feet in chrome, mahogany, natural or black. 


Select Options:

Size Chart Delivery Information


100cm (+£0.00)

130cm (+£50.00)

150cm (+£80.00)

Total cost: £260.99


MIRAGE - A modern take on the classic chenille.

Midnight Mirage (+£0.00)

Marble Mirage (+£0.00)

Magnesium Mirage (+£0.00)

Ivory Mirage (+£0.00)

Graphite Mirage (+£0.00)

Dew Mirage (+£0.00)

Arctic Mirage (+£0.00)

Alkali Mirage (+£0.00)

Pewter Mirage (+£0.00)

Shell Mirage (+£0.00)

PALOMA LINEN - A wonderfully tactile soft to the touch viscose linen

Marble Paloma Linen (+£0.00)

Dust Paloma Linen (+£0.00)

Ice Paloma Linen (+£0.00)

Driftwood Paloma Linen (+£0.00)

Limestone Paloma Linen (+£0.00)

Cement Paloma Linen (+£0.00)

Steel Paloma Linen (+£0.00)

Onyx Paloma Linen (+£0.00)

MILANO 100% BRUSHED COTTON - With a soft touch in a palette of classic neutrals

Snow Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Almond Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Mist Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Linen Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Natural Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Latte Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Stone Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Taupe Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Silver Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Cloud Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Dove Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Grey Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Storm Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Smoke Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Slate Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Midnight Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

Navy Milano Brushed Cotton (+£0.00)

SILK MIX - A beautiful upholstery fabric made from viscose and linen that looks just like a silk

Snow Silk Mix (+£0.00)

Birch Silk Mix (+£0.00)

Silver Silk Mix (+£0.00)

Ash Silk Mix (+£0.00)

Taupe Silk Mix (+£0.00)

String Silk Mix (+£0.00)

Frost Silk Mix (+£0.00)

Midnight Silk Mix (+£0.00)

Straw Silk Mix (+£0.00)

FAUX LEATHER - A good all round hard wearing fabric

White Faux Leather (+£0.00)

Chalk Faux Leather (+£0.00)

Mist Faux Leather (+£0.00)

Stone Faux Leather (+£0.00)

Taupe Faux Leather (+£0.00)

Elephant Faux Leather (+£0.00)

Mousse Faux Leather (+£0.00)

Pebble Faux Leather (+£0.00)

Granite Faux Leather (+£0.00)

Espresso Faux Leather (+£0.00)

Steel Faux Leather (+£0.00)

Sapphire Faux Leather (+£0.00)

Noir Faux Leather (+£0.00)

Charcoal Faux Leather (+£0.00)

Grey Faux Leather (+£0.00)

FAUX SUEDE - A staple upholstery fabric, stain repellent and hard wearing

Ice Faux Suede (+£0.00)

Snow Faux Suede (+£0.00)

Raffia Faux Suede (+£0.00)

Pumice Faux Suede (+£0.00)

Buff Faux Suede (+£0.00)

Truffle Faux Suede (+£0.00)

Grey Faux Suede (+£0.00)

Ash Faux Suede (+£0.00)

Steel Faux Suede (+£0.00)

Stone Faux Suede (+£0.00)

Graphite Faux Suede (+£0.00)

Black Faux Suede (+£0.00)

WOOL - A classic, hard wearing, luxurious fabric made in natural fibres and also very tactile.

Armour Wool (+£55.00)

Birch Wool (+£55.00)

Wolf Wool (+£55.00)

Emperor Wool (+£55.00)

Flint Wool (+£55.00)

Denim Wool (+£55.00)

Ecru Wool (+£55.00)

Ebony Wool (+£55.00)

PURE LINEN - Combines practicality with timeless elegance

Bone Pure Linen (+£55.00)

Magnesium Pure Linen (+£55.00)

Natural Pure Linen (+£55.00)

Sandstone Pure Linen (+£55.00)

Graphite Pure Linen (+£55.00)

Battleship Pure Linen (+£55.00)

Flax Pure Linen (+£55.00)

Elephant Pure Linen (+£55.00)

Ash Pure Linen (+£55.00)

Pewter Pure Linen (+£55.00)

Steel Pure Linen (+£55.00)

BOUTIQUE VELVET - On trend smooth velvet with a soft touch and flat appearance. For a sophisticated but durable look.

Brick Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Natural Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Polar Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Mist Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Ecru Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Dove Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Parchment Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Cobble Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Cocoa Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Regency Grey Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Smoke Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Ash Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Iron Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Lilac Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Dark Blue Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Silver Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)

Fuchsia Boutique Velvet (+£55.00)


Charcoal Allure Velvet (+£55.00)

Chrome Allure Velvet (+£55.00)

Cream Allure Velvet (+£55.00)

Linen Allure Velvet (+£55.00)

Silver Allure Velvet (+£55.00)

Slate Allure Velvet (+£55.00)

Taupe Allure Velvet (+£55.00)

LUMINA LINEN - Very soft linen with a sparkle, looks stunning when its upholstered.

Silver Lumina Linen (+£55.00)

Stone Lumina Linen (+£55.00)

Taupe Lumina Linen (+£55.00)

Rose Lumina Linen (+£55.00)

Onyx Lumina Linen (+£55.00)

Mocha Lumina Linen (+£55.00)

Feather Lumina Linen (+£55.00)

Ivory Lumina Linen (+£55.00)

Champagne Lumina Linen (+£55.00)

Gold Lumina Linen (+£55.00)

Agean Lumina Linen (+£55.00)

FRANKLIN VELVET - Classic velvet texture with a gorgeous soft sheen

Natural Franklin Velvet (+£55.00)

Hessian Franklin Velvet (+£55.00)

Wicker Franklin Velvet (+£55.00)

Beige Franklin Velvet (+£55.00)

Chrome Franklin Velvet (+£55.00)

Cloud Franklin Velvet (+£55.00)

Smoke Franklin Velvet (+£55.00)

Iron Franklin Velvet (+£55.00)

Mist Franklin Velvet (+£55.00)

Pewter Franklin Velvet (+£55.00)

Anthracite Franklin Velvet (+£55.00)

SCALA - Textured finish in a palette of subtle neutrals

Pearl Scala (+£55.00)

Feather Scala (+£55.00)

Dove Scala (+£55.00)

SATEEN - A lustrous cotton sateen with a sleek sheen

Snowdrop Sateen (+£100.00)

Ivory Sateen (+£100.00)

Oyster Sateen (+£100.00)

Birch Sateen (+£100.00)

Chrome Sateen (+£100.00)

Platinum Sateen (+£100.00)

Simply Taupe Sateen (+£100.00)

Stone Sateen (+£100.00)

Feather Grey Sateen (+£100.00)

Steel Sateen (+£100.00)

Dark Slate Sateen (+£100.00)

Charcoal Sateen (+£100.00)

Navy Sateen (+£100.00)

Jet Sateen (+£100.00)

EDEN - A beautiful textured weave with a contemporary edge

Pearl Eden (+£100.00)

Biscuit Eden (+£100.00)

Rattan Eden (+£100.00)

Caramel Eden (+£100.00)

Wheat Eden (+£100.00)

Khaki Eden (+£100.00)

Cloud Eden (+£100.00)

Taupe Eden (+£100.00)

Terra Eden (+£100.00)

Cappuccino Eden (+£100.00)

Chestnut Eden (+£100.00)

Smoke Eden (+£100.00)

Metal Eden (+£100.00)

Peat Eden (+£100.00)

LUXURY CRUSHED VELVET - Ultimate elegance with a distinctive crushed texture, 100% natural fibres

Snowdrop Luxury Crushed Velvet (+£100.00)

Oatmeal Luxury Crushed Velvet (+£100.00)

Feather Grey Luxury Crushed Velvet (+£100.00)

Putty Luxury Crushed Velvet (+£100.00)

Simply Taupe Luxury Crushed Velvet (+£100.00)

Champagne Luxury Crushed Velvet (+£100.00)

Zinc Luxury Crushed Velvet (+£100.00)

Charcoal Luxury Crushed Velvet (+£100.00)

Aubergine Luxury Crushed Velvet (+£100.00)

Navy Luxury Crushed Velvet (+£100.00)

Jet Luxury Crushed Velvet (+£100.00)

AMARA - Unique velvet with a multi- tonal finish

Silver Amara (+£100.00)

Steel Amara (+£100.00)

Limestone Amara (+£100.00)

Calico Amara (+£100.00)

Camel Amara (+£100.00)

Mole Amara (+£100.00)

Husk Amara (+£100.00)

PRESTIGE COLLECTION - Add a touch of glam to your room with one of these luxurious fabrics.

Mole Prestige Collection (+£100.00)

Pearl Prestige Collection (+£100.00)

Cream Prestige Collection (+£100.00)

Flax Prestige Collection (+£100.00)

Graphite Prestige Collection (+£100.00)

Slate Prestige Collection (+£100.00)

Lunar Prestige Collection (+£100.00)

Mist Prestige Collection (+£100.00)

Pewter Prestige Collection (+£100.00)

Silver Prestige Collection (+£100.00)

Sterling Prestige Collection (+£100.00)

Taupe Prestige Collection (+£100.00)

Titanium Prestige Collection (+£100.00)


Total cost: £260.99

Wood Finish

Black Wood Surround (+£0.00)

Dark Walnut Wood Surround (+£0.00)

Oak Wood Surround (+£0.00)

White Wood Surround (+£0.00)

Black finish (+£0.00)

Oak finish (+£0.00)

White finish (+£0.00)

Wenge Wood Surround (black finish with a hint of brown) (+£0.00)

No Wood Surround (+£0.00)


Total cost: £260.99

Fixing Type

Fixed to the bed (+£0.00)

Fixed to the wall (+£0.00)

Fixed to the bed, only available for 3'-91cm standard height headboard (+£0.00)

Fixed to the wall, must be chosen for 3'6"-107cm or 4'-122cm high headboard (+£0.00)


Total cost: £260.99


Deep buttoned lid (+£65.00)

Shallow Swarovski Crystal Buttons (+£50.00)

Shallow fabric buttons (+£30.00)

No buttons required (+£0.00)


Total cost: £260.99

Extra Height

As standard 91cm-3ft (total height 3ft) (+£0.00)

Extra 16cm-6in (total height 3ft6in) (+£30.00)

Extra 31cm-1ft (total height 4ft) (+£60.00)

As standard 4ft-122cm (+£0.00)

As standard 2ft-60cm (+£0.00)

As standard 2ft6in- 76cm (+£0.00)

As standard 6ft-183cm from the floor (+£0.00)


Total cost: £260.99

Finishing Touches

Chrome Studs (+£0.00)

Antique Brass Studs (+£0.00)

Corner and centre pleat valance (+£0.00)

Corner pleat valance (+£0.00)

No pleat valance (+£0.00)

No studs required (+£0.00)

Piping (+£30.00)

No studs or piping required-plain upholstered wings (+£0.00)

No extra detail required (+£0.00)

Chrome studs to wings (+£30.00)

Antique brass studs to wings (+£30.00)


Total cost: £260.99


Drop 32cm (+£0.00)

Drop 33cm (+£0.00)

Drop 34cm (+£0.00)

Drop 35cm (+£0.00)

Drop 36cm (+£0.00)

Drop 37cm (+£0.00)

Drop 38cm (+£0.00)

Drop 39cm (+£0.00)

Drop 40cm (+£0.00)

Drop 41cm (+£0.00)

Drop 42cm (+£0.00)


Total cost: £260.99


Chrome feet (+£0.00)

Mahogany feet (+£0.00)

Natural feet (+£0.00)

Black feet (+£0.00)


Total cost: £260.99

Bed Feet

Wenge (+£0.00)

Dark Walnut (+£0.00)

Black (+£0.00)

Dark Walnut Corner Feet For Deep Bed Base (+£0.00)

Wenge Corner Feet For Deep Bed Base (+£0.00)

Black Corner Feet For Deep Bed Base (+£0.00)

Black Plinth For Deep Bed Base (+£100.00)

Dark Walnut Plinth For Deep Bed Base (+£100.00)

Wenge Plinth For Deep Bed Base (+£100.00)

Dark Walnut Feet For Shallow Bed Base (+£0.00)

Wenge Feet For Shallow Bed Base (+£0.00)

Black Feet For Shallow Bed Base (+£0.00)


Total cost: £260.99

Bed Base Height

Shallow bed base (15cm upholstered section) (+£0.00)

Deep bed base (30cm upholstered section) (+£0.00)


Total cost: £260.99

Bed Slats

Flat Slats (+£0.00)

Luxury Sprung Slats (+£100.00)


Total cost: £260.99