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Free Fabric Samples

We understand that choosing the right fabric isn't easy until you have seen it in person, that's why we offer a free fabric sample service and we usually dispatch the same day. Please click on the fabric of your choice to request this sample or call our friendly team on 07719 670832 and we will be happy to discuss which fabrics will be perfect for you.

Having taken considerable time in lovingly choosing our fabric collection, we want to offer you exceptional quality fabrics with natural compositions, but we cannot include the entire colour range of each collection. If you cannot see the colour you are looking for, just let us know and we will be able to send out a selection of samples in your chosen colour.

Please choose your fabric samples below

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MIRAGE - A modern take on the classic chenille.

Midnight Mirage

Marble Mirage

Magnesium Mirage

Ivory Mirage

Graphite Mirage

Dew Mirage

Arctic Mirage

Alkali Mirage

Pewter Mirage

Shell Mirage

PALOMA LINEN - A wonderfully tactile soft to the touch viscose linen

Marble Paloma Linen

Dust Paloma Linen

Ice Paloma Linen

Driftwood Paloma Linen

Limestone Paloma Linen

Cement Paloma Linen

Steel Paloma Linen

Onyx Paloma Linen

MILANO 100% BRUSHED COTTON - With a soft touch in a palette of classic neutrals

Snow Milano Brushed Cotton

Almond Milano Brushed Cotton

Mist Milano Brushed Cotton

Linen Milano Brushed Cotton

Natural Milano Brushed Cotton

Latte Milano Brushed Cotton

Stone Milano Brushed Cotton

Taupe Milano Brushed Cotton

Silver Milano Brushed Cotton

Cloud Milano Brushed Cotton

Dove Milano Brushed Cotton

Grey Milano Brushed Cotton

Storm Milano Brushed Cotton

Smoke Milano Brushed Cotton

Slate Milano Brushed Cotton

Midnight Milano Brushed Cotton

Navy Milano Brushed Cotton

SILK MIX - A beautiful upholstery fabric made from viscose and linen that looks just like a silk

Snow Silk Mix

Birch Silk Mix

Silver Silk Mix

Ash Silk Mix

Taupe Silk Mix

String Silk Mix

Frost Silk Mix

Midnight Silk Mix

Straw Silk Mix

FAUX LEATHER - A good all round hard wearing fabric

White Faux Leather

Chalk Faux Leather

Mist Faux Leather

Stone Faux Leather

Taupe Faux Leather

Elephant Faux Leather

Mousse Faux Leather

Pebble Faux Leather

Granite Faux Leather

Espresso Faux Leather

Steel Faux Leather

Sapphire Faux Leather

Noir Faux Leather

Charcoal Faux Leather

Grey Faux Leather

FAUX SUEDE - A staple upholstery fabric, stain repellent and hard wearing

Ice Faux Suede

Snow Faux Suede

Raffia Faux Suede

Pumice Faux Suede

Buff Faux Suede

Truffle Faux Suede

Grey Faux Suede

Ash Faux Suede

Steel Faux Suede

Stone Faux Suede

Graphite Faux Suede

Black Faux Suede

WOOL - A classic, hard wearing, luxurious fabric made in natural fibres and also very tactile.

Armour Wool

Birch Wool

Wolf Wool

Emperor Wool

Flint Wool

Denim Wool

Ecru Wool

Ebony Wool

PURE LINEN - Combines practicality with timeless elegance

Bone Pure Linen

Magnesium Pure Linen

Natural Pure Linen

Sandstone Pure Linen

Graphite Pure Linen

Battleship Pure Linen

Flax Pure Linen

Elephant Pure Linen

Ash Pure Linen

Pewter Pure Linen

Steel Pure Linen

BOUTIQUE VELVET - On trend smooth velvet with a soft touch and flat appearance. For a sophisticated but durable look.

Brick Boutique Velvet

Natural Boutique Velvet

Polar Boutique Velvet

Mist Boutique Velvet

Ecru Boutique Velvet

Dove Boutique Velvet

Parchment Boutique Velvet

Cobble Boutique Velvet

Cocoa Boutique Velvet

Regency Grey Boutique Velvet

Smoke Boutique Velvet

Ash Boutique Velvet

Iron Boutique Velvet

Lilac Boutique Velvet

Dark Blue Boutique Velvet

Silver Boutique Velvet

Fuchsia Boutique Velvet


Charcoal Allure Velvet

Chrome Allure Velvet

Cream Allure Velvet

Linen Allure Velvet

Silver Allure Velvet

Slate Allure Velvet

Taupe Allure Velvet

LUMINA LINEN - Very soft linen with a sparkle, looks stunning when its upholstered.

Silver Lumina Linen

Stone Lumina Linen

Taupe Lumina Linen

Rose Lumina Linen

Onyx Lumina Linen

Mocha Lumina Linen

Feather Lumina Linen

Ivory Lumina Linen

Champagne Lumina Linen

Gold Lumina Linen

Agean Lumina Linen

FRANKLIN VELVET - Classic velvet texture with a gorgeous soft sheen

Natural Franklin Velvet

Hessian Franklin Velvet

Wicker Franklin Velvet

Beige Franklin Velvet

Chrome Franklin Velvet

Cloud Franklin Velvet

Smoke Franklin Velvet

Iron Franklin Velvet

Mist Franklin Velvet

Pewter Franklin Velvet

Anthracite Franklin Velvet

SCALA - Textured finish in a palette of subtle neutrals

Pearl Scala

Feather Scala

Dove Scala

SATEEN - A lustrous cotton sateen with a sleek sheen

Snowdrop Sateen

Ivory Sateen

Oyster Sateen

Birch Sateen

Chrome Sateen

Platinum Sateen

Simply Taupe Sateen

Stone Sateen

Feather Grey Sateen

Steel Sateen

Dark Slate Sateen

Charcoal Sateen

Navy Sateen

Jet Sateen

EDEN - A beautiful textured weave with a contemporary edge

Pearl Eden

Biscuit Eden

Rattan Eden

Caramel Eden

Wheat Eden

Khaki Eden

Cloud Eden

Taupe Eden

Terra Eden

Cappuccino Eden

Chestnut Eden

Smoke Eden

Metal Eden

Peat Eden

LUXURY CRUSHED VELVET - Ultimate elegance with a distinctive crushed texture, 100% natural fibres

Snowdrop Luxury Crushed Velvet

Oatmeal Luxury Crushed Velvet

Feather Grey Luxury Crushed Velvet

Putty Luxury Crushed Velvet

Simply Taupe Luxury Crushed Velvet

Champagne Luxury Crushed Velvet

Zinc Luxury Crushed Velvet

Charcoal Luxury Crushed Velvet

Aubergine Luxury Crushed Velvet

Navy Luxury Crushed Velvet

Jet Luxury Crushed Velvet

AMARA - Unique velvet with a multi- tonal finish

Silver Amara

Steel Amara

Limestone Amara

Calico Amara

Camel Amara

Mole Amara

Husk Amara

PRESTIGE COLLECTION - Add a touch of glam to your room with one of these luxurious fabrics.

Mole Prestige Collection

Pearl Prestige Collection

Cream Prestige Collection

Flax Prestige Collection

Graphite Prestige Collection

Slate Prestige Collection

Lunar Prestige Collection

Mist Prestige Collection

Pewter Prestige Collection

Silver Prestige Collection

Sterling Prestige Collection

Taupe Prestige Collection

Titanium Prestige Collection