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Fitting Instructions


When you purchase our headboards as fixed to the bed, they are supplied with large hardwood struts, screws and washers.  These will need to be attached after delivery, all you need to do is screw the struts into place on the back of the headboard (instructions are provided with the struts) and then slot the struts into place on the bolts and washer on the back of your divan bed base.  All fixed to the bed headboards with a height measurement up to 3’6” (107cm)  are made with a 6” panel that goes behind the mattress for extra stability (this extra panel is not included in the height measurements of our headboards). 

If you are purchasing one of our headboards with a height of 4ft (122cm) we would always recommend that you go for the fixed to the wall option.


When you purchase one of our headboards as fixed to the wall, they are supplied with flush fixings and screws.  One set of brackets are already attached to the back of the headboard when you receive it and the corresponding set will need to be attached to your wall.  For fixing the brackets you will need a drill, measuring tape, spirit level and wall plugs, we do not supply wall plugs as it will depend on the type of wall your headboard is to be fixed, as to which plugs are needed.   You just need to measure the distance between the brackets on the back of your headboard and transfer this measurement to your wall, making sure that the brackets are level, then the headboard just slots into place on to the brackets. 

These brackets are fantastic, there is no movement of the headboard at all when it is in place and the headboard sits completely flush to the wall, with no gap behind and the headboard can be taken on and off the brackets easily.